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CM-4890TB - All Seeing Eye and Phrygian Crown Tie Bar

CM-4890TB - All Seeing Eye and Crown Tie Bar

  • Emblem measures 7/8 inch. Another great conversation piece for fellow church members. Wear this wonderful piece with pride and watch how many people ask you what this means. Bar is 2 1/2 inches across and is an alligator clip.

    History: Up to the Civil War, the U.S. had no national currency, and the majority of the coins in circulation were minted privately. Brigham Young and some associates from the church decided to establish a mint in the year 1848. The church mint consisted of a small adobe building on the northeast corner of Brigham Street (South Temple) and Main. This building was made possible through gold dust brought back from the Mormon Battalion. They brought back from California several thousand dollars worth of gold which ended up in the treasury. Brigham Young commission John Kay in 1848 to make dies and coin the gold dust. The inscription was designed by Brigham Young, John Taylor, and John Kay. On one side of the coin it says "Holiness to the Lord" with the ancient emblem of the priesthood, which is the Phrygian crown over the all-seeing eye of Jehovah. On the opposite side is says, "Pure Gold" and has clasped hands.
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